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Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate, and other species. From what we eat, what we buy to how we manage our waste, there’s a lot we can do to “choose wild” and reduce our environmental footprint to leave a green legacy for generations to come!

Sustain and Save welcomes you to the Sustainability Corporate Championship of 2020 that aims at reducing the carbon footprint and tracking the green legacy we leave on the planet!

The earth is the only thing we all have in common, and we agree we have had a 360-degree impact on the same.

So here are the challenges based on the 5 elements of the earth; Air, Water, Land, Material, Fire.

Happy to have you’ll be signed up for these challenges and to do your bit by being the change, not the problem!

Small steps. Big results.

Your actions might be small, but together we will be able to make big changes!


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