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"We the changemakers strive to be the change, not the problem."

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The ChangeMaker Program

A One-Stop Solution for Sustainability created by Indians for the world. Driven by the Youth of India between age 18 -25 years. 

It's a platform for enthusiastic individuals who want to be the change become change-preneurs 


Sustain and Save Founded by Pranati Shroff Munot and Ankita Shroff on 22 April 2020, as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). 

To make a platform to encourage and inculcate the sense of responsibility and create awareness about Circular Economy 

We inculcate a sense of sustainable lifestyle through live talks, DIY's, learning sessions, projects, etc. 

Vision And Mission

Re-Innovate:  Design  Produce and Sell the Entire Chain.


Our vision is to integrate Sustainability in our Daily Lives at home and businesses using products and initiatives to achieve a circular economy.

Our mission is to revive a  ‘Knowledge and Resource Inspiration to aim for a circular economy where businesses, organizations, and consumers all together collaboratively work  on  our 3R principles:


Re-Define: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse to Consume and Use.

Responsibility: Accountability and Share to create awareness.

How To Control It?


Inculcate the 3R’s of sustainability and shift to a sustainable lifestyle.


Why Change-Makers Program?


Why Change-Makers Program?

Change-Makers Program





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1) ‘E-learning from E-waste’, an awareness drive organized by Sustain and save.

2) We participated in the ‘IKEA Better Living Challenge.’ IKEA India has launched the IKEA Better Living App to inspire and enable many to live a more sustainable life at home, by following simple and everyday solutions that can help make a difference.

3) ‘M impact’ is focused on sustainable Disposal of Mattress

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Outcome And Learning

Understanding Sustainability And Circular Economy.

Responsible and Vigilant Youth Acts.

Insights into Green Products and Service and learn from some Inspiring Stories

Use Apps and Sessions to Understand the Carbon Footprints and Ways to Reduce Them.

Learn and Implement Sustainable Living at homes and offices.


Benifits Of ChangeMaker Program

1) Domain Expertise Working

  • Design Team

  • Podcast Team

  • Content curation Writing

  • Website Development

  • Curriculum Design

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Event Organizing

  • ChangeMaker Program Lead

2) Internship Tie Ups with Sustainable Companies

  • Suzlon

  • Rudra

  • Eetech and Many more

3) Sustain and Save Live Projects

4) Team Building

5) Opportunity to Interview

6) Collaboration and PR experience

7) Business Plan Competition

8) Opportunity to participate in challenges on international level.

9) Sustainability Hackathons.

On successful Completion of the Tasks you would be given :


  • Certificate of Completion of  Changemaker Program

  • Opportunity to be selected as 20 Changemakers at Sustain and Save

  • Letter of Appreciation on Letterhead 

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Our Team

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Screenshot (501).png


"I strongly believe in giving back is not just about donation. but about making a difference." 

That’s what made me join Sustain and Save and do my bit towards Green and Healthy Lifestyle by being a Change-maker! It’s been 2months I’ve become a part of this and in this short span, my life has changed. Right from getting inducted into the Change-maker program, to becoming a content writer, conducting interviews, working on live projects, leading the PR, I have evolved, got educated, connected with so many people, and did my bit towards a brighter and sustainable future.

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

-Riya Nathe ( A proud changer-maker )

Screenshot (525).png
Screenshot (522).png

Apart from the immense learning opportunities Sustain & Save has provided, it has inspired me to change my lifestyle. I experienced many leaders speak about their passion for Sustain Talks, which added to my love for nature. Sustain & Save also has been an important platform for me to upskill myself as a content writer and upgrade my knowledge in the field of sustainability. The experience so far has been exhilarating and I hope the journey ahead will be even more exciting!

-Tejas Page ( A proud changer-maker )

Joining Sustain and Save gave me one of the best experiences of my life to date where I have explored my own skills like leadership, content writing, social media marketing, and many more. I realized the need for awareness to be spread around the world about sustainability and this always keeps me motivated to work for it through this organization. This internship not only provided me some of the life skills, but I was also able to connect with people from various walks of life. I thank Sustain and Save for all the opportunities provided to me during these precious 2 months.

-Siddhant Raka ( A proud changer-maker )

Screenshot (523).png

I started my changemaker journey on 05th June 2020 on the occasion of environment day. Sustain and save molded my morals towards the environment, sustainability, and circular economy. I was a part of the July changemaker program and that made me learn how to channelize thoughts through content writing, how to handle social media for a good cause, and overall build up my personality. The people here are so energetic which is really commendable and I have learned a lot of things

-Mitali ( A proud changer-maker ) 

Join Our ChangeMakers Program

Click Here To Join Our ChangeMakers Internship Program:
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