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The Gaia is an aerobic 'hot pile' decentralised bulk waste composter, It makes composting easy, fast, labour-saving and cost-effective for apartments, offices, resorts & all community institutions, We also provide detailed hands-on training for housekeeping staff to ensure smooth functioning, You can install it on terraces, open spaces and near the entrance, The internal 'breathing towers' regulates air flow and ensures no foul odour Ergonomic design allows easy harvesting of compost. 

Gaia 800 compost kit

  • Dimensions (inches): 48"H x 32.5"B x 32.5"W
    Contents: 1 composter + Base + Cocopeat + Compost Microbes + Rake + Gloves + Tarpaulin sheet + plastic drum + plastic bucket + bowl + scoop + After Sales Book
    Capacity:18kg wet waste daily - 1 Gaia
    Material: UV stabilised, roto moulded plastic
    Usage: outdoor space with good ventilation Ideal for apartments, offices, resorts & all community institutions

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