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Gobble Max It comes bundled with all accessories so you can start right away, We provide an intensive hands-on training for community members and housekeeping staff to ensure smooth functioning, You can install it on terraces, open spaces and near the entrance, And even better - it can conveniently be rolled away to different locations ! 

Gobble Mx composter

  • Dimensions (inches): 50"H x 25"B x 31.5"W
    Capacity: 2.5-3kg wet waste daily 
    Contents: 1 composter unit + stand + Cocopeat + Compost Microbes + Rake + Gloves + Tarpaulin sheet + plastic drum + plastic bucket +bowl + scoop + After Sales Book 
    Material: Outer container HDPE | Inner cage Steel 
    Usage: Outdoor aerobic composting
    Ideal for: wet waste composting in independent homes, villas, small apartment buildings, small offices and canteens, institutions

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