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Gobble Mini composter is an aerobic 'hot pile' single unit compost bin. It makes composting simple, labour saving and hassle free for independent homes, villas and flats. ergonomically designed for ease of use, low maintenance and convenient harvest. optimal composting happens because of the design of aeration in the Gobble Mini. It comes bundled with all accessories so you can start right away. You can install it on terraces, open spaces and near the entrance.


Gobble Mini Composter

  • Dimensions (inches): 33"H x 18"B x 18"W
    Capacity: 1.5 -2 kg wet waste daily 
    Contents: 1 composter unit + stand + Remix Powder + Compost Microbes + Rake + Gloves + Tarpaulin sheet +bowl + After Sales Book
    Material: Outer container HDPE | Inner lining for insulation and aeration 
    Usage: Outdoor aerobic composting
    Ideal for: wet waste composting in independent homes, villas, and apartments.

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