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The 4 tier stackable Gobble Senior home compost bin is ideal if you are a home with 4-5 members, Lightweight and easy to lift and shift, this composter can handle upto 1kg of kitchen waste daily, And when you pair it with a Chomp, you can manage your kitchen waste for life ! Many of us who live in cities have tight living spaces and the Gobble Senior is designed just for that. You can get it door delivered and start right away - Clean India from your home !


Gobble Senior

  • Dimensions (inches): Total 42"H * 12" Dia | Unit 10"H 
    Capacity: 1kg kitchen waste daily | 18 litre per unit 
    Contents: 4 units with lids + Remix Powder + Compost Microbes + Neem Powder + Gloves + Instruction sheet
    Usage: Outdoor stack aerobic composter - in balcony, terrace, garden, utility area 
    Material: Food grade plastic
    Ideal for: Family of 4-5 persons

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