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  • We dispose  a significant amount of paper every day, and these recycled paper pencils are a perfect way to divert them from landfills. So let your ideas flow and write your heart out without the guilt of cutting down a tree for your pencil.
  • Dimensions :Pencils are 17cm long.
  • How to use :Use it like a conventional graphite pencil. You can compost the pencil shavings or dispose with other green waste.
  • Replacement for :Pencils with lacquers, metal ferrules, erasers, or wood that is not sustainably harvested. Non-biodegradable writing utensils.
  • Ingredients :Recycled paper, graphite
  • End of life :These recycled paper pencils are biodegradable and compostable.

Recycled Newspaper pencil

  • Weight.010 kgDimensions1 × 1 × 18 cmSets

    set of 10, set of 20

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