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Terrabite is designed for the most convenience during composting. With the thoughtfully designed dual walled bin, you need not worry about smell, flies or anything else ! The tap allows for easy leachate removal, and the door allows for easy harvesting. No more lifting and shifting of units ! Just dump your waste and cover with Remix Powder. Comes with a handy scoop to measure just the right amount of Remix Powder. Get composting right, with no foul smell or messy garbage pileups.  You keep your home and the environment safe too! Instructions and necessary accessories included to start composting at home immediately. 


  • Dimensions (inches): Total 40.5"H * 19.5"L * 22"W
    Capacity: 2 kg kitchen waste daily
    Contents: 1 Feeding unit with lid + 1 Harvesting unit + 3kg Remix Powder + 30gm Microbes Powder + 30gm Neem Powder + Gloves + Instruction sheet + Rake + Scoop + Tarpaulin Sheet
    Usage: Aerobic composter - balcony, terrace, garden, utility area 
    Material: Food grade plastic
    Ideal for: Family of 4-8

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