Eco-friendly Dinnerware and Tableware

Sustain and Save’s keen change-maker Aarya Tupe recently conducted an interview with the owner of Ecoriti, Mr. Vickky Jain.

One of the leading companies in Hyderabad, Ecoriti focuses on manufacturing and selling eco-friendly products like Areca Plates, spoons and forks, paper straw, Birchwood wooden cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, etc.

Believing in eliminating single-use plastic from the world and to become world-class manufacturers, Ecoriti has the objective of making their customers, employees, society, environment, and the universe stick to the nature.

“We are: Manufacturers, Exporters and Traders of Areca Leaves Plate, Wooden Cutlery, Paper/Cotton Bags and much more” - ECORITI

Right from packaging to making of products like straw using bamboo, they choose sustainable, eco-friendly option for the planet.The journey of this venture began 5 years back when Mr. Jain was travelling to Karnataka. There he visited small rural places and saw people collecting leaves and got him curious as to why were they collecting leaves? The response amazed him. The villagers said that they make biodegradable cutlery, plates, bowls and food containers from the dry, fallen leaves. 

That’s what led him to manufacture with little things available. He purchased 2-3 molds that gave different shapes of bowls, cutlery, and plates. He slowly started promoting it to the people. At that time people did not have an idea and were not aware of such products.

We all know plastic cutlery takes many years to degrade or to compost. But do we act upon it? Mr. Jain did and that’s why Areca leaves manufactures spoons, forks which are 100% sustainable and environment conscious. So do they cut trees to make products? No. instead they just collect the fallen leaves and after drying them in the sun and washing it, the leaves gets converted into vivid shapes or sizes without adding chemicals.Their products are 100% biodegradable, sustainable, and natural. Following the circular ecosystem, they use the leaves which directly comes from nature and goes back to it.These products get disposed within 24 - 48 hours and automatically get biodegrade in the ground. It gives proteins to the plants and like this, the complete circle goes on. 

But as every good idea faces challenges, so did this unique venture. People would not buy these products because of its expensive nature;instead favoured plastic products because of its low price. Now after 5 years’ things have changed. People now have knowledge about the environment and sustainability. They want to change and support the global changes for the environment.

Now people have started preferring eco-products. 

A journey that was initiated by creating awareness by visiting food joint, small markets, and restaurants and telling the benefits of his product has over the years reaped its fruits. From manufacturing just 2 - 4 products to producing 18 - 20 varieties, sizes, including spoons, forks, and cutleries, etc. Ecoriti is now getting sprout day by day as people are getting aware of sustainable and eco-friendly products and they started asking for biodegradable products even it is a bit expensive.

This change-maker plans to further his business by connecting with a small manufacturer who makes these type of eco-friendly products or the one who is willing to make these type of products which has a great impact on the environment and sustainable i.e. sugarcane bagasse, wooden cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes and expand that product into the world. 

Isn’t it fascinating to see a small team work towards a green planet and try to bring about the change? Such small steps lead us to our bigger dreams and goals. Ecoriti is on their mission for a better and sustainable living, are you?

By : Varsha Vishwas | ChangeMaker