Sustain and Save
Sustainability Platform

The Sustain and Save  marketplace platform simplifies and integrates sustainability into everyday life, aiming to transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. It's a listing platform of green certified products that connects vendors and clients. It includes listings from various sectors such as Waste Management, Construction Materials (Interior and Exterior), Energy (Solar) and Transportation (EV),etc . Through this platform, we support and encourage eco-friendly businesses.

This marketplace connects and supports  vendors and users for any solution on sustainability.

Through the platform we will help vendors with the following features :

  • Generate leads
  • Complementary products/Services for creating a greener supply chain i.e., connection to other allied services or products
  • Submitting competitive quotes for requirements
  • Filtration of leads and efficient communication with users
  • Smooth Conversion and support

Through the platform  we offers Users the following features :

  • Get competitive and comparative quotes
  • Profiling and performance analysis of vendors
  • Tools for assessment of cost and energy savings
  • Streamlining communication with multiple vendors

Community Engagement Platform

Our carbon footprint application tracks individual sustainable habits, measuring CO2 emissions saved, waste diverted, and water saved. Collaborative initiatives, focusing on various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), strengthen our community and drive sustainable behavior change. These initiatives include activities like plogging, Clothes Swaps, Plastic Collection Drives, and Upcycling and Recycling.


Carbon Footprint App:

Our community Engagement Platform offers a carbon Footprint Application that helps in tracking Individual Sustainable habits on 3 parameters like Energy saving (kWh) Co2 emission Saved (kgs), Waste Diverted (Kgs), and Water Saved (Ltrs) by logging various Activities.


Host Green Activities:

Publish, host green events and activities. Get green credits and badges  for completing these activities. Our Collaboratives Initiatives on various SDGs Strengthen our community to be built thus transforming practices to deliver a more sustainable future.


Environmental Impact and social impact projects:

Our collaborative Initiatives include Plogging, Clothes Swap, Plastic Collection Drives and Upcycling and Recycling. We help companies create innovative and path breaking projects for social engagement , impact creation helping them identify the right partners for collaborations and implementation.


Knowledge and Resource Inspiration:

This section features inspiring stories, case studies, green news, and impactful learning to make sustainability more accessible to a wider audience.