The natural environment is being polluted by unnatural factors. Humans cause more pollution than any other environmental factors. And plastic pollution is increasing at a very fast rate these days. What we need now are ruthless decisions. Decisions to flood our lives with sustainable practices and become more conscious of what we consume and how we consume it. These values should not be limited to our personal capacity, but also need to be propagated, especially among impressionable young minds. 

Our changemaker, sakshi kangane and the co-founder of sustain and save Ms. Ankita shroff had an interactive session with a very young and inspiring entrepreneur and the founder of BANS with nature who aims to eradicate the plastic waste and replace it with bamboo products. 

This young group of enterpreneurs have realized that its time to go green and keep our environment clean. 

Inspiration to start BANS WITH NATURE

According to the 22 year old entrepreneur and college dropout, chandan kasturwar plastic pollution is causing immense damage to the environment. It has adversely affected wildlife, marine life and humans as well. He took this step in order to contribute his bit to the environment. Today BANS is India’s Leading company in Bamboo Arts and Crafts, found by Chandan Kasturwar and Vishal Rathod. The company was established on 1st of September 2019, but they started their research and have initiated work since 2015 and included with them the best Masters and Artisans. This team of 11 members have transformed an old house which was closed for 7 years into a manufacturing unit. Isn't that so creative? They have produced a range of creations like bamboo Handicrafts, furniture, basketry, interior, exterior, huts and alot many. BANS Primarily Focuses on best in class Bamboo Arts and Crafts, uniqueness of products, the Real Eco-friendly products with perfect finishing and emerging experience of using Bamboo. 

The founders take on sustainability

They have mainly used Bamboo which is a highly sustainable material and also it does not take part in deforestation. They are looking forward to solve the problems occuring due to Pollution. They aim to decrease plastic pollution, increase absorption of co2 by bamboo plants and release of more oxygen in order to keep our planet healthy . By manufacturing bamboo products they are not only keeping our environment healthy but also using the gift of nature in order to replace plastic which is hazardous for us all. They aim to provide Indian sustainable products globally. Having powerful strategies and highly valuable products designed for future, they wish to make it a trend to use and spread bamboo products worldwide. 

Their main focus is to provide the best product with absolutely perfect finishing. Their work brings out the real eco-friendly products from the best Material on the earth, Bamboo replacing Plastic and wood Products to reduce pollution. They work on the principle of “Best Quality over the Quantity of product”. Its time to go Green and keep our Environment Clean. BANS is fulfilled with enthusiastic members working so hard for the development of the company. They work along with the best experienced Artisans which are particularly expert in Bamboo field, Arts and Crafts. They are able to accomplish a lot in a small period of time not only for us and themselves but also mother earth. According to the young entrepreneur Chandan Kasturwar, everyone does something great in their respective field but Ratan Tata Sir and Dhirubhai Ambani sir inspire him the most. This is the best time to save our nature by using sustainable products as nature has recovered the most in this period of lockdown. 

By : Sakshi Kangane