Have you ever thought of saving 100% water on urinals flushing? Or Having water efficient taps to save water than always worrying about the water flow pressure?

If not yet, then I think it’s time you do consider re-structuring not just your offices but also your homes. In our recent Sustain Talks we had Goutam Surana, an awardee of National Entrepreneur Award and Indian of the Year, Green Excellence Award and the founder of ECO365 talk to Aarya Singoure, one of our spirited Change-maker.

A MBA graduate, with the desire and determination to bring about the change and work towards sustainability and protecting the environment, started a green initiative: ECO365 back in 2010 which has 22 people with several other partners. It was after a lot of researching on solar, studying about water efficiency and understanding the techniques and technology needed that Mr. Surana started delivering sustainable and responsible solutions which lead to simpler and self-sufficient way of living. 

Like many startups working on a niche problem, this one faced rejections, challenges and replies like, ‘this idea does not make sense’, ‘it is unrealistic and cannot be achieved’. But the approach and idea of helping others solve an environmental problem, got him clients right from Infosys to Accenture, from Cipla to Unilever, from MC Donald’s to lifestyle and the list goes on. “We promise to save 70-80% of water being consumed by you”- ECO365. 

We all know change is very important. We know that we have to save water in order to conserve it and alleviate the impending water problems. In order to assist everyone in this journey, the organisation provides a range of products right from water saving aerators, taps, showers to water free urinals, green toilet bank etc. “We believe in patience. We have to let the society absorb the product. ”Practicing this mantra, Mr. Surana slowly and steadily is operating towards the goal to save 50 Million tank loads of water by 2030. 

With the future mission of helping the rural India, the founder says that, “I want to educate, spread knowledge and reach out not only to urban but also to the rural India. We believe to have impacted only 1% of the society, 99% is still left.” Today this green venture has saved 3500+ crore liters of water. 

Studies suggest that India’s groundwater level is depleting at an unsustainable rate, and that 40% of the population will have no access to drinking water by 2030. And that surely is not a good news. So let’s join hands with this green initiative and do our bit in saving water and contribute towards a good motive and preserve our planet. Instead of believing in in luxury products for high outputs, it’s time we let the eco-friendly and green products seep into our lives. Let us try to change our lifestyle 365 degree and choose eco-green products.

By : Riya Nathe