Sustain and Save’s dynamic changemaker Payal Jadhav, interviewed a 23 year old Co- Founder of Ilana Organics , Ms. Nikita Deshpande a really inspiring role model for today’s youth. Nikita, a down to earth, very young and budding entrepreneur shares her views with Sustain and save on sustainable lifestyle.

Nikita joined the organic club during her college years. Blown away by healthy alternatives she understood that simply talking about the benefits of going organic won't work , and thats when the young mind started Ilana Organics.

We inspire this urban woman with a desire to live in the mountains, to celebrate the best of both worlds! Born of one woman’s craving to inspire an organic switch in day to day living – Ilana Organics is a blend of natural sources and a system rich in modern ethics. It brings together the tradition of natural personal care and modern, sustainable methods to derive it. 

- Ilana Organics

During the interview, when our moderator Payal Jadhav asked her about the inspiration behind her company, she shared about how an assignment given during her college days change her thoughts about all the chemical based skin products and how her curious mind explored the organic world ,interacted with many people on ground and ended up by starting the company Ilana Organics. 

Then the founder quotes" that the skin care was a medium to express my feelings about sustainability and changing people’s lifestyle towards sustainability".

Nikita and her co-founder , started Ilana Organics in 2018 , with a confidence to make a positive change in the lifestyleof people and within no time Ilana got amazing responses and made its own identity in the organic market.

Further Nikita also mentioned that she recently has started a channel where she shares her views on how a young entrepreneur can start their own businesses.

Further she quoted, “ You have to love what you do. You have to be passionate for what you do. Be happy while you do the work and have fun throughout the journey or else you feel bored after sometime. It should come from within and shouldn’t look like added effort.” She also added, “What’s good for you should be good for planet or else it isn’t good!!”

Nikita being a young entrepreneur, shares  that she wasn’t perfect at anything. A lot of things went out of her control and she went up with many highs and lows ,but at the end that's all about a phase right ? 

She even  gave a precise and adequate answer for, how to cope up with stress anxiety along with managing a great responsibility of Ilana Organics.

When our moderator asked her about how she helps in the Reduction of Carbon footprint: 

Nikita in return answers by giving a perfect example of glass where she explained how Glass is a recyclable product but requires a lot of energy consumption through high range of heating leading to higher footprint production and then explains that The lifecycle of a product should be considered before launching it into the market.Further. She added about how we should go for up-cycling instead of recycling.

We were really curious to know about how she always cope up with her competitions

and in return she answered how In this age, sustainability is most important and even Ilana Organics faces a lot of competition but she takes it positively and doesn’t look up at these competitions as ‘COMPETITIONS and then Sheshares how she looks up to her peer brands and learn from them. Ilana stands different from others because of its transparency. According to Nikita, the customer’s aren’t the stakeholders. The venture consists of these small things that make Ilana outstand.

Nikita wants name for Ilana Organics in terms of accessibility, being organic and natural. For her Ilana revolves around 3 main aspects - Transparency, ethics and wholesome. 

She concludes by quoting ,“One Advantage of using Organic Products is that you don’t feel guilty. Sustainability starts through kitchen by basic DIY recipes and by understanding yourself and your skin.”

By : Mitali S. Sarlashkar