On the auspicious occasion of world environment day, sustain and save had a wonderful interactive session with a young, brave, and smart "Sharanya Konjeti" on the theme of Save nature.

Sharanya Konjeti, a young 11-year old, all-rounder girl, who loves dance, music, art as well as sports. In such a small age she also secured 2nd rank in state-level mathematics Olympiad. This fearless girl is also very passionate about narrating stories, drama, and acting.

Her inspirational journey starts when she was just 8 years old. She made two such brave and smart decision which any common 8-year child cannot take. 

First being the most inspirational for all of us, giving away all her hair to a cancer patient. This act of hers was truly mesmerizing. 

The second decision highlighted her independent nature; joining the boarding school at the age of just 10 years.


Father is her role model for whatever she does for sustainability, quotes sustainability as "Improving the world and making it a better place for us and future generations to live, without destroying the nature". She follows many great and simple ideas at home for sustainable living which creates a huge impact on society for sustainable development. Some of them are:

  • If we segregate dry and wet waste, and along with the dry waste if we segregate glass and plastic waste, it will be easy to recycle, and also it will decrease the number of injuries caused by the waste to the workers. 
  • She follows very simple energy-saving ideas. Putting the lid on while cooking can save up to 25% of energy. Also, if we use pressure cookers, we can save up to 50% of energy.
  • From a student perspective, she appeals to students to use both sides of the pages, as almost 3 gallons of water is used to make a single sheet of paper.

  • Almost 1 crore trees are being cut per year and 37 gallons of water is used to make tissues and toilet paper. She strongly advises stopping using these products.

Also, from her amazing painting skills, she describes how to integrate sustainability in life. She describes that a person has to choose from 2 ways of living i.e. Bright or Dark. The brighter side leads to a happy, green environment in the future and if we go on using plastics, wastewater, cutting trees, our life will be dark as hell. But we all know that sustainability is not a choice, it's a way of living.

From her great art and craft skills, she also makes lovely paper bags from old newspapers which is one of the simplest ways to recycle paper at our homes. Lastly, she quotes,


By : Aditya Dharkar