The Shroff Foundation's 1st Sustainability Award Ceremony held in Pune on December 6, 2023, was not only a platform for celebrating achievements but also a space for thought-provoking discussions on sustainability. One of the highlights of the event was the engaging panel discussion featuring esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds, sharing their insights and perspectives on sustainability.

The panel discussion was led by Ganesh Natarajan, who is the head of 5F World, a platform for digital change, education, social impact and business innovation. The panelists were:

- Michael Schreuder, who is the Deputy Principal Officer of the US Consulate General in Mumbai. He talked about how the US and India are working together on sustainability and how diplomacy and policy can help to achieve the common goals of clean energy, climate action, and innovation

- Ashish Gaikwad, who is the Managing Director of Honeywell Automation India Limited. He talked about how technology and digitalization can help to improve sustainability and efficiency in various sectors, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, power, and smart cities.

- Anoop Poddar, who is the Senior Managing Director of Eversource Capital, a private equity firm focused on investing in sustainable businesses and solutions, especially in the areas of renewable energy, clean technology, and circular economy.

- Ganesh Natarajan, the moderator, who also talked about how education and skills development can help to create a culture of sustainability and social responsibility among the youth and the future leaders.

The panel discussion was lively and engaging, with the panelists highlighting the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in the Indian and global context. Some of the key points that emerged from the discussion were:

- Sustainability is not only an environmental issue, but also a social and economic one, and it requires a holistic and integrated approach that balances the needs of the present and the future generations.

- Sustainability is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity, and it can create value and competitive advantage for businesses and societies that adopt sustainable practices and solutions.

- Sustainability is not only a goal, but also a journey, and it requires continuous innovation, collaboration, and adaptation to the changing needs and realities of the world.

- Sustainability is not only a challenge, but also a choice, and it depends on the vision, commitment, and action of the stakeholders, such as governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals.