In this last article of our series ' Sustainability at office and Home' we will get to know about 'Sustain and Save'. Surely, you read our blogs but now is the time to know more than that. ‘Sustain and Save' is a NGO dedicated to make the world more Sustainable and make Sustainability, a part of our daily lives. We’ll go deep and understand the what, why, how and who!


We aim to be the one stop solutionfor Sustainability with making our country self reliant and making the youth aware about it. We havecollaborated with more than 10 environmental brands within 2 months; Suzlon, Ikea, Ecocriti, Ilana, Noraa, Rustic art, Bamboo India and many more. Now they are part of a larger scheme of change with us!

We work with a 3R principal:

1.Re-Innovate : How we Design, Produce, & Sell products.

2.Re-Define : Define how we consume and Use products.

3.Responsibility : Accountability and Leadership to create awareness.


The reason lies in the mission, We want to integrate Sustainability in the daily lives at homes and offices and that will help us achieve a circular economy! Our Team is focused towards bringing change innot only our lives but everyone around us. The blog you are reading right now is a small but essential part of it.


We publicise the brands that support the cause of Sustainability. We started with a Team of 6 ChangeMakers, Now we are a team of 100+ ChangeMakers. Our Team helps us in spreading the Sustainability vibe which eventually will support a greater cause of providing Green services and Greenproducts which is one of our goals.


  • We are a platform for Services and Products that are MADE IN INDIA and ECO-FRIENDLY, along with it being VOCAL FOR LOCAL!
  • We are one of a kind of Platform for Sustainable Services.
  • Run by Indian Youth to provide a Community for Sustainability and a Circular Economy.


If Sustain and Save is a Vehicle, then the ChangeMakers are the fuel! Which are driven and guided by Ms. Praniti Shroff and Ms. Ankita Shroff, The founders of Sustain and Save. You too can be a ChangeMaker, all you need to do is stop the environment harming activities around you and start Sustainable practices.

Be The Change, Not the Problem

By : Ajinkya Shinde | ChangeMaker