Green Building
Certification & Compliance

The built environment has a critical role to play in responding to the climate crisis. Buildings are responsible for 39% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of all raw material consumption. Sustainable design contributes to reduce carbon emissions, helps combat climate change, and preserve natural resources. Some quantifiable numbers 30–50% reduction in energy consumption, up to 40% reduction in freshwater demand, 40–65% reduction in building water consumption,30–40% reduction in operational cost of buildings along with government benefits FSI.

Every project has unique needs and requirements that need to be met to acquire a green building certificate; be it an office, a bungalow, a building or a big organization.

A green building certificate is your ultimate goal to build green, sustainable buildings. And we help you achieve that. We assist you in completing and fulfilling all the regulatory requirements and documentations to get you a green building certificate. We do this for LEED v4, IGBC Eco Housing and GRIHA.

A green building design reduces carbon footprint, and efficiently manages to reduce energy consumption. The buildings are made more climate responsive and environment responsive to ease the way of living.

We design and suggest smart green solutions to enhance the parameters of nature and climate. Our net-zero buildings are designed to provide savings in energy water and waste production on site. And eco interiors are also facilitated to provide use of interior materials and enhanced indoor environmental comfort to the occupants.

Green Certification Projects

Building Performance Simulation

Performing comprehensive analysis of building design at the conceptual stage for daylight, thermal comfort, wind and energy analysis with simulation software that help predict the performance of efficient and comfortable buildings.

Energy Audit

  • Holistic assessment of environmental parameters like energy, daylight, acoustics and thermal.
  • Identifying areas for efficiency improvement and provide tailored solutions for optimization.
  • Conducting 3rd party commissioning and auditing for green building performance.

Allied Reporting for
Environmental Clearance

At Sustain and Save we provide reporting for all allied services required for Environmental Clearance.


Shadow Analysis

Shadow analysis for designers to evaluate the movement of the sun across a site and understand how shadows cast by nearby buildings, trees, or other objects will impact solar access and radiation falling on the facade for green Building Certification and Environment Clearance


Disaster Management Plan

DMP are essentially provided to have a well-coordinated Disaster Response Plan for a project, which makes best use of combined expertise and resources. It is essential to report the same for efficient and successful disaster response.


Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)

  • TIA is performed in order to analyse the traffic conditions during the construction and throughout the project lifespan.
  • Through TIA report we are able to identify whether a particular development project will have an impact on the safety and efficiency of adjacent roads.


ECBC & Traffic Analysis Projects

Energy Conservation Building Code Compliance (ECBC)

  • ECBC Reporting is done to evaluate the annual energy usage of the building and apply various energy efficiency measures for ECBC Compliance.
  • Reporting and compliance are done for both ECBC and R-ECBC ie for Residential sector.